History Of The Piedmontese Cattle

This naturally-leaner breed of cattle comes from the northwest corner of Italy, along the foothills of the Alps, in a region known as the Piedmont. In Italy these "Piedmontese" cattle have been an important
part of the beef industry for over a century.

What Makes It Better?

The Piedmontese cattle are naturally lower in fat, calories and cholestrol and higher in protein dense meat. At Paschall Farms we have taken these naturall superior characteristics and enhanced them through our strict growing conditions, which emphasize a healthy enviroment.

Here in America, the Piedmontese influence GIVES US A CHOICE IN OUR BEEF FAT-CONTENT LEVELS. Crossbred Piedmontese Beef will be significantly LEANER than conventional beef; while the Pure Piedmontese is ULTRA-LEAN.